Reviews for BOL/SNAH/WESTERHUS: Numb, number

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For those who read german:

Nordische Musik , July 2012


“….a melting pot of untimely sound worlds, poetic texts and fearless, improvising character.”

May 11/2012 All about jazz (US)


“That it all actually works extremely well and makes absolute sense from start to finish is perhaps not quite such a surprise considering the respective pedigree of each of the musicians involved, but if this record is by all means the direct result of these forces working together, that result is ultimately much greater than the sum of its parts.”

June 22/2102, The Milk Factory (UK)


“Separately and together we´re dealing with some of Norway´s furthermost creative and searching musicians – musicians that couldn´t care less about genres and labels. That´s probably why most of the music they make turns out unique, exiting and cool.”

March 03/2012 by Side 2 (NO).



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