7.5 Integrity and audience research in an artistic process

A natural question regarding this project is that of artistic integrity versus the investigation of, and even adjustments influenced by, the audience’s experience and response. The performative aspects of this project have been important for me. Part of my artistic idea here is grounded in the reception of/feedback to my performance. If there is no experienced connection between the story (teller) and the music, or if the story is experienced as being alienated, artificial, strange, I have not fulfilled my artistic idea. There are several problems associated with investigating this aspect, as discussed above. There is also a risk of flattening out the expression in the search for more clarity, where the performance becomes a “compromise”, adjusting to different feedbacks, and also a risk of “underestimating” the audience(s). This is something that I am trying to be aware of in the process of making adjustments and reconsidering choices. As mentioned before, I have to conclude that I have been guided mainly by my commitment to the text, and in some ways this has served to restrict this project. This has been, and will continue to be, the starting point for my development of “short stories of sound”: my own experience of how the text and music work together.

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