8.2 Relevance

My project relates to several discourses that are relevant both inside and outside the field of vocal musicianship/voice as an instrument:

The discourses on voice as a musical instrument:
– The voice has, as a human bearer of emotional expression and semantic meaning, special qualities as an instrument. How can electronic processing change the situation of the voice as an instrument, and what new musical and artistic possibilities does electronic manipulation open up for in the continuum between natural voice and processed voice sound?

The discourses on modern improvisation:
-In what ways does/can modern improvisation open up for new roles in the improvised interplay?
– As a possibility for crossing genres: what can be the challenges of combining the aesthetics of the different genres?
– As based on intuitive, embodied knowledge and awareness, how does improvised music deliver premises for the musician’s technical level, control and use of instruments – and vice versa?

The discourses on music technology
– Technical developments, like all instruments, naturally have an impact on the development of music where such are used, either complex or simple. How do we choose and question our tools?
– New technology is a source for a wide range of relatively new musical parameters, developed within several genres with different aesthetics and terminology. What language and terms are useful in my field of music?

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