2.1 Technical setup

This is an overview of my present setup. (A larger version will be found in the appendix) As shown in the figure, the microphone signal is split and sent both to the mixer and to the audio interface. In the centre is the Mackie Onyx 1220 mixer, which receives input from all of the connected devices. Then, clockwise from the upper right:

Roland SP 555 Creative sample workstation (input from Alt 3-4, output to mixer Ch. 7/8)

Lexicon MX 400 Dual stereo/Surround Reverb Effects Processor, processors A & B (input from aux 1&2, output: A to mixer Ch. 9/10, B to Electrix Repeater Loop Based Recorder)

Electrix Repeater Loop Based Recorder (input from Lexicon B-processor, output to mixer Ch. 11/12)

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Audio Interface (input from split mic signal, output to mixer Ch. 5/6)

MacBookPro computer, running Ableton Live and Max for Live (connected through FireWire to audio interface)

Korg Nano Kontrol, controlling Ableton Live with Max for Live patches (USB- connection)

Novation Remote Zero, controlling the Granular/Filter patch in Max for Live (USB- connection)

SSL- compressor (input from Direct Out 1, output to mixer Ch.2)

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