5.3.1 Final setup

It was a great pleasure, but also hard work, to install the system (almost) as we wanted it, in the concert hall (Lindemanssalen, NMH). We managed to create a neutral zone in the middle, but for practical reasons the linked effect zones did not form a half circle, but  a square.

Sound zones and overlapping, simple illustration 2:


The lines indicate the stage area that we used. The cross-fadings were less controllable than the figure suggests. Note that the middle of the circle is the max effect point.

The stage was much bigger than the room we had been rehearsing in, and we spent some time simply exploring the areas of the zones, how the room “worked”. We improvised a sequence, rehearsed some choreography for the composition and had a short briefing about strategies. Then we held the concert later on in the evening.

Videos: it is not possible to represent the spatial aspects of the sound here, and it is also difficult to capture this performance visually, but the video clips will still give an impression of the performance.

Excerpt, impro :

Excerpt, “Slipp” by Ståle Storløkken in “tta-choreography”:

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