8.3.1 Major achievements:

The major artistic achievements in my work as a fellow in the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme are:

– The development of my intuitive use of live electronics, and of a personal vocabulary of sounds and techniques. An important part of this vocabulary is what I have called the play with zones.

– The ability, through this development, to take on new musical roles in the improvised interplays I take part in, and also the development of my musical thinking and acting related to these roles as part of the music as a whole.

– Through my work with the “short story of sound” I have developed a new form for my solo performances, where the relationship between the text and the music is explored and challenged. This process has also provided me with a valuable insight into and new reflections about the experience of the performance as such, and the relationship between myself, as a performer, and my audience.
Sounding realisations of these artistic achievements have partly been presented in several concerts and through various recordings, as listed in Appendix no.1.Many of the sounding results have also been provided as examples in the previous chapters of this critical reflection.

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