2.2 The electronic devices and their functions as instruments

My equipment has changed, and also expanded since I started working with electronics in the early 90s. The devices I use have been chosen for special reasons, based on earlier experiences. These choices are not choices between either practical aspects/usability or musical qualities. The motivation for and results of my choices are often intertwined. On the one hand, the usability of a device clearly has consequences for the musical use and results, and on the other hand, musical motivation gives premises for the choice of instruments, the setup of controllers and the mapping of the various functions. In a way, performing with live electronics, you build your own instrument, even if the different components consist mainly of mass-produced devices. Furthermore, this is an ongoing process, always with room for improvements and changes. It is also a fact that usability is not always concerned with the structure and design of the device, but is also dependent on personal preferences and not least habits and internalised skills. I will describe the different devices in my setup, focusing on what made me choose them, how I use them in relation to each other, and, where relevant, their strengths and shortcomings.

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