2.2. 1 Mixer, Mackie Onyx 1220


This is a 12-channel analogue mixer that I obtained in 2003[1]. It is relatively large (for travelling), but I chose this model for two main reasons: it has high quality pre-amps, and it has volume -faders (not knobs). There are also several options available for sending signals to other devices, as shown in my setup overview:  aux sends 1&2, direct outs and routing on each channel (Alt. 3-4 out). This makes it possible to connect to and mix between all of the devices. I could not work this setup with a mixer that did not have these options.

The importance of faders instead of knobs is also reflected in my choice of loop machine and MIDI-controllers. The reason for this is my physical experiences of having more “contact with” the levels and being more in control of them. There is also a visual aspect in this choice; it is much easier for me to obtain a visual impression of the levels by watching faders rather than knobs.

If I were to wish for a perfect mixer, it would be smaller in size, but with the same features as this one – and it should have 4 aux sends!

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[1] One of the great concert sound-designers I have worked with over the years is a Norwegian, Asle Karstad. In those days he expressed his frustration saying: ”you get great singers working with very good microphones and effect-machines -but with cheap and noisy mixers!”… I took his point.



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