7. Voice Meetings: short story of sound


As a part of this research project, I have also wanted to explore artistic possibilities using a continuum of voice sounds ranging from natural narrative speech to “abstract”, processed sound, within the same performance. I wanted to see if it was possible, or rather, artistically meaningful to implement the role of the storyteller in a musical expression. In this chapter I will look briefly at the following:

– My motivations, artistic ideas and research questions.

– The methods used and some of the challenges involved in researching a performance.

– Some of the important findings and developments that emerged throughout the process.

Due to the nature of the project, a performance is not easily represented by anything else apart from the live situation. I will now therefore start by providing just two short excerpts from the performance that was held for students in 2010.The performance they are taken from was an important part of a collaborative research project, which I will return to in the following. You will hear short extracts from the Norwegian story and an English summary will be provided later on in this chapter, while the Norwegian text and a translation of it will be found in Appendix nr. 2.

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