3.7 What does “new musical parameters” mean?


The play with zones, the possibility to “hide” the voice, the use of different methods of sound processing, the different uses of sampling, both in real time and with pre-recorded sound – are all areas that were opened up through the use of music technology a long time ago. The technology and techniques that I use are not new – especially not when compared to what is being explored and used in other fields and genres, as discussed in Chapter 2. Nor are these musical parameters new as such – but rather newly made available for the improvising vocalist through access to new live electronic devices. The “newness” lies in the exploration of how these musical parameters can be used in improvised music. There are relatively few vocalists using live electronics in improvised interplay in my field (although there are an increasing number of artists using live electronics in their solo performances). The potential inherent in (very available) live electronics devices, especially for vocalists in my genre, is relatively unexplored in this respect. Access to new musical parameters creates new opportunities for musical interaction and thus for taking on new roles in the interplay. This will be demonstrated further in Chapter 4.

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