2.2.3 Electrix Repeater Loop Based Recorder

4 separate loops with faders

This is the loop machine that replaced my earlier loop machine (a Lexicon Jam Man) in 2001. The Jam Man had options for overdubbing each loop, but you had to choose which one to play at a time. The biggest difference in changing to the Repeater was the option available for creating four different loops with overdubs, that could be played back at the same time with separated volume controllers, one fader for each loop. This was a great improvement, and something that I had really wanted. Another big improvement was the option for storing recorded loops on memory cards. I used this option a lot in the beginning, especially for solo performances, while nowadays I tend to use the Roland sampler for storing recorded sounds and loops (for reasons that I will return to later).  The Repeater also has other important features that I use, like the option for reversing and panning the loops.

Example II, 1:



The recording, overdubbing and playback of loops is fast and easy, as is the selection of tracks. Controlling with faders is very important, and so is the option to have the machine mounted in a rack rather than placed on a table. (It is placed next to the reverbs and effects-machine, which I often operate in close combination with the looping). Working with this machine is limited by the fact that the length of the first loop defines the length of the other loops, even if they are separated on different channels. The method used for finding previously recorded loops from the memory card, and using them, is also a bit awkward.[1]After I acquired my first Repeater, several newer loop machines have been produced, with different features. There are also new options available for designing computer programs which functions as loop machines. Still, based on what I know about the field of “outboard-devices”, and the fact that my computer is assigned to other tasks in my setup, I think that this is one of the best solutions I can have for the time being.

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[1] The loops on the Repeater only have numbers, so you have to remember which one you want and turn the knob until you reach the number, then select it. If you want to overdub the selected loop, you have to copy it to the internal memory, and then go back to the loop in the internal memory by turning a knob once again.


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