3. Voice Meeting: Questionnaires

Questions for volunteers, written response “Voice Meeting”


Theme 1: General focus

Which aspect of the concert experience did you focus mostly on during the concert?

Were there times when you focused on other things than what happened at the concert, and if you did, what was the reason for this?


Theme 2: Sections

To what extent did you experience that you could divide the concert sequence in different sections?

If wanted, create a sketch of the concert progress from your memory where you indicate the division into sections (and any sub-sections)


Theme 3: Emotions, passion and bodily response

Did any parts of the concert experience evoke feelings, commitment or physical response in you? If so, can you describe this further?


Theme 4: Narrative aspects

What did the narrative aspects of the performance mean for your experience of the performance as a whole? To what extent did the text and the narrative make the performance more or less available to you as audience, and how did this happen?


Theme 5: Performance

To what extent did the actual presentation, the performers way of performing take a focus during the concert experience, and if so, what was it that you focused on?


Theme 6: Technological instruments

To what extent were you aware of the technological instruments during the concert? What did you think about these instruments and the way the performer played on them?


Theme 7: Musical / timbral aspects

How would you describe your experience of the timbral/ musical aspects of the concert? Was there any of these aspects that engaged you more or less than others?



Are there other aspects of the concert experience you wish to comment or complement?

Are there any questions you miss here?





“Voice Meeting “ : Focus group interviews, questions, translated from Norwegian:


For the moderator:

The interview lasts about 45 minutes, approx. 6 participants each. group.It is important that the moderator makes sure to keep time so that you get through all the questions. This means  that there should be about. 5-7 min. per question, maybe something more for the first two, and perhaps somewhat less for the last questions. Question 7 is differentiated for the two groups. (It may be wise to scribble over the questions you should not use.)



1. How did you experience performance / concert as a whole? [Check: how participants liked it, if they thought it was meaningful / meaningless, if they think it connected well, how was the experience of tension and form?]


2. What was it that caught their attention most during the concert? [Check also: Why was the attention drawn to this? How long and how strong was the attention focused on something? Was it something that happened that only a few were aware of? Were there any periods where the focus was “wandering” from one aspect to another? Were there periods where they experienced flow / heightened focus? Was there anything in the performance that was distracting?]


3. Did they experience that the performer was more present in some parts of the performance than in others? [Check: in what way? In which parts? Why?]


4. Did you feel that you could feel you recognice, or identify with some parts of the performance more than others? [Check: What was possibly recognizable? Was this positive or negative?]


5. What degree of naturalness do you think her voice had in the different parts of the performance? [Check also: Do the participants that “naturalness” is a good term to use when they talk about what is happening? Why / not? What part was this?]


6. Was it parts of the performance where you felt you alienated? [Check: In case: how much? Why? Does any of this has to do with the technological instrumentation?]


For the group of sighted public

7. What do you think about the relationship between what you see and what you hear? [Examine: Could you relate some of the actions carried forward to what happened aurally? What about the voice – what was the relationship between the voice you “coul see” and the voice you heard?]


For the group of “blind” the audience

7. How did you experience not being able to see the performance? [Check: In what ways was the experience different from a more “normal” concert, where you can see the performer? Did the concert create some inner images? Could you imagine the performer and the instrumentation during the performance?]


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