Tone Åse (NO): Voice, live electronics, composition.
Franziska Baumann (CH): Voice, live electronics, composition.
Alex Nowitz (DE): Voice, live electronics, composition. 
Sten Sandell (SE): Voice, piano, composition.

Formed through the initiative of Alex Nowitz at the DESIGNING VOICES festival in Berlin in 2021, OPERADICALS presents an innovative approach to vocal performance.

Sten Sandell, an accomplished composer and performer from Sweden, incorporates piano and organ into his performances, seamlessly integrating his voice into his artistic practice. In contrast, Tone Åse, Franziska Baumann, and Alex Nowitz explore the possibilities of their voices through gesture-controlled live electronics and diverse sampling techniques. This creative blend results in captivating audio and visual experiences. Their unique sonic landscapes are made possible in part by their custom-designed sensor-based instruments, tailored to their individual needs, and the refined performance techniques they’ve developed over the years. Franziska Baumann’s ‘Sensorglove,’ Alex Nowitz’s ‘Strophonion,’ and Tone Åse’s ‘Genki Wave Rings’ each require distinct movements to produce sounds and tones.

Building upon these innovations, the quartet skillfully weaves together polyglot vocal components, forming a breathtaking kaleidoscope of novel, abstract vocal landscapes. This artistic approach is at the core of the ensemble’s name, reflecting their exploration of contemporary radical opera. 

A particularly appealing aspect of the Vocal Quartet is their commitment to sharing their expertise as vocal artists, composers, and educators with choirs. They actively collaborate with choirs, devising concepts to enhance their performances.

Voices in Between Voices reviews

"On their long-awaited album, we get 11 sequences in the experimental landscape between jazz, improvisation, contemporary music and recitation. And they do it all the way with superior finesse and quality, so you just sit and gape at what flows out of the speakers." Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts
"Together with Sandell, there are unique conversations that no one has heard the likes of before and will not want to hear the likes of later. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience - a very exciting and unique one." Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

Samtalen/The conversation

New project in cooperation with dramaturg Tale Næss and Sound artist Eirik Bleikesaunet- based on conversations with 13 teenagers from Trondheim. A solo project combining the concert, the sound installation and the bodily performance. Ingrid Skanke Høsøien created the beautiful light design.

The project was supported by Arts Council Norway and Trondheim Kommune, and also a main activity in my research term as professor at department of music at NTNU. It was premiered by nyMusikk Trondheim @Verkstedhallen 12/6 -23.

Photos: Thor Egil Leirtrø, who also made a blogpost about the performance

Åse/Sandell: Voices in Between Voices

Released on Sonic Transmissions 24/3 2023

Tone Åse: voice and electronics , Sten Sandell: grand piano and voice

Recorded live at Dokkhuset 9/3 2022 by Åsmund Arnesson Rise/Øra Studio

Mixed by Ståle Storløkken@The Cottage

Produced by Tone Åse and Ståle Storløkken

Mastered by Helge Sten, Sten Audio Virus Lab

Cover art Sten Sandell

Cover design Juliane Schutz

Supported by Arts Council Norway and Trondheim Kommune  

Concerts, talks and other 2023

13-24/ 1 Recidency                                                                EMS, Stockholm

23/1 Workshop for KMH students with Sten Sandell            EMS, Stockholm

27/2 -18/3 Bern, artistic research and workshops at HKB    Bern

15/3 Duo concert w/Franzisca Baumann                              Progr, Bern

16/3 Workshop at HKB                                                          Bern

23/3 Release concert/label night Åse/Sandell. Dokkhuset, Trondheim

30/3 Release concert Voxlab, Åse/Sandell Sentralen, Oslo

15/4 Orgelnatt Trondheim Voices/Nils Henrik Asheim. Stavanger konserthus, Stavanger

13/14/5 Bedrock, Trondheim Voices@Asle Karstad. Rosendal teater, Trondheim

26/5 Moers sessions, w/Isabelle Duthoit&Gyulaine Cosseron. Moers, Germany

27/5 Folklore w/Trondheim Voices&Ståle Storløkken Moers, Germany

12/6 Samtalen, en soloforestilling med flere stemmer Verkstedhallen, Trondheim

14/6 Artist talk@ Heddadagene Det Norske Teateret, Oslo

16/9 TBA, Trondheim Voices

1/10 Excerpts from Hairesis Vardø

25&27/10 Designing Voices&Åse/Sandell duo Berlin

16/11 Åse/Sandell Duo Trondheim

4/12- 10/12 Trondheim Voices TBA

Concerts, talks and other 2022

10/3  Åse/Sandell duo                                                            Inderøy Jazzforum, Inderøy

28/4 Trondheim Voices  Songs around the world                    Soddjazz, Inderøy

30/4 Trondheim Voices &Asle Karstad                                 Valendagene, Haugesund

15/5 Trondheim Voices  Songs around the world                 Jazzfest, Trondheim

27/5 Trondheim Voices Babel – a ballet of signs                   Festival out of the box, Munic 

28/5 Trondheim Voices Babel – a ballet of signs                   Festival out of the box, Munic

29/5 Trondheim Voices Babel – a ballet of signs                    Festival out of the box, Munic

23/7 Trondheim Voices The human touch                            Festival out of the box, Munic

23/7 Trondheim Voices The human touch                            Festival out of the box, Munic

24/7 Kunstnersamtale: Alles live stream- oder was?            Festival out of the box, Munic

24/7 Trondheim Voices The human touch                            Festival out of the box, Munic

24/7 Trondheim Voices The human touch                            Festival out of the box, Munic

29/9 Trondheim Voices  Songs around the world                 Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

16/11 Petters Jazzjam, gjest                                                 Lokal bar, Trondheim

27/11 Åse/Sandell/ Alexandersson                                        Annan Musik, Norrkøping

12/12 Trondheim Voices&Ståle Storløkken Adventskonsert Vår frue kirke, Trondheim

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