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Tone Åse, 24.02.65

Performing activity – major projects:

1996- today: Tours and festivals in Europe with BOL, a modern jazz trio with Ståle Storløkken (keyboards) and Tor Haugerud (drums). Released four critically acclaimed albums: “bol” (Via Music 2001), “Silver Sun” (Curling Legs, 2005) , “Skylab” (NORCD 2007) and “Numb, number” (GIGAFON 2012with guitarists Stian Westerhus and Hans Magnus Ryan.) “So? Now ? with Hans Magnus Ryan (Gigafon 2016) . Here Åse is singer / improviser / composer with extensive use of electronics.

Voxpheria: Concerts and festvials (Scandinavia) with drummer Thomas Strønen.Åse/Strønen duo, released the highly praised cd “Voxpheria” in 2012 (GIGAFON). Both musicians work with a combination of acoustic and electronic sound.

2001- today Member of, and for 2006 -2011 musical director of Trondheim Voices, improvising vocal ensemble which has broke new ground in the field of vocal music through a series of productions, festival appearances and premieres in recent years. Produced and performed the performance BINGO! in cooperation with Cirka teater, premiered at Olavsfestdagene 2008, and the concert Improvoicing (m / Mazur, Balke and Gustafsson) which was premiered at the Molde Jazz 2009. Åse led a project presented at NIME 2011, researching the use of Stagetracker FX as a tool for ensemble improvising. This project was developed further by next musical leader, Siri Gjære and sounddesigner Asle Karstad, and led to the development of a customized wireless controller for each singer, called Maccatrol, which is now a part of the ensemble’s artistic concept.

Lead singer and improviser w/use of live electronics with the Danish percussionist Marilyn Mazur in various projects, including her group Future Song, concerts and festivals in Europe.

2010-2013 Åses solo project “Eugenie-a short story of sound” has been performed, among others, at Ultima 2011 and the Bergen International Festival in 2012.

Vocal and live electronics in T-EMP (Trondheim Electroacoustic Music Performance). This is a large ensemble working with new strategies for electronic and acoustic interplay, led by music technologist, musician and professor Øyvind Brandtsegg. Album: Evil Stone Circle (T- Emp 2015) ,

1992 – 2002: Touring and festivals in Europe as vocalist in the a capella group Kvitretten. After 10 years of pioneering work in improvised vocal music in Norway, the group was resolved in 2002.This was a modern, improvisational and experimental a capella – quartet consisting of Solveig Slettahjell, Kristin Asbjørnsen and Eldbjørg Raknes besides Åse. They recorded 3 critically acclaimed records (Curling Legs) in this period, the first, “Voices”, was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy in open class.

Composing activity:
1996- today: Music for Bol, Bol/Snah/Westerhus and Bol&Snah.
2017: Shorter pieces for Trondheim Voices and Trondheim Jazzorkester
2018: Commissioned work for Oslo 14, supported by Norsk Komponistfond, will be recorded in studio august 18
20015: Collaborative composing with Kirsti Huke &Bergmund Skaslien: “Gullfrosken,” theatre for children, toured in Norway for several periods. (Fabularium produksjoner, Director Lene Helland Rønningen)
2010: Composed and performed the score for the Norwegian documentary “My Beloved” (Director Hilde Korseth), premiered at norwegian cinemas desember 2011
2006: Music for performance for kindergarten: “Lille Pille og Lille Fille,” (Rikskonsertene, director Lise Hovik) Toured in Norway for several periods
2004 : Music for “Skamtalen” , performance with writer and poet Ingrid Storholmen (Litteratur Festivals in Trondheim and Lillehammer, broadcasted by NRK)

North Norwegian Academy of Music/Trondheim Academy of Music: Classical singer, bachelor, 4 years spring 1992
Master in Musicology, NTNU, spring 2007, Jazz singing as main instrument, with teachers Elin Rosseland and Sidsel Endresen. Wrote her Master thesis on improvisation in teaching, researching her own practice.
3-year fellow in the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Program, situated at Department of Music, NTNU. Research on the vocalist’s new opportunities and roles through the use of electronics in improvised interplay. Approved September 2012.

Åse is from 2012 Associated professor at dep. of music, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway


Concerts 2018

11/01 Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Dokkhuset, Trondheim
02/02 Trondheim Voices Ekkokammer, Illios Festival, Harstad
08/02 Bol&Snah Trøndertun, Melhus
09/02 Bol&Snah Cafe Hærverk, Oslo
10/02 Bol&Snah Sojo, Leuven, Belgium
28/02 Trondheim Voices TBA, Trondheim
08/03 Solo/Masterclass Trøndertun, Melhus
12/4 Solo/ duo with Sten Sandell, Other Minds festival, San Fransisco
27/04 Trondheim Voices, Jazzkaar Tallin
28/04 Trondheim Voices, Jazzkaar Tallin
05/05 Commissioned work for Oslo 14, Hausmania, Oslo
25/05 T- EMP Dokkhuset, Trondheim
12-17/6 Trondheim Voices, Commissioned work, Whitebox, Munic, Germany
20/7 Trondheim Voices does Sten and Storløkken, world premiere Moldejazz
24/9 T- EMP, AR Conference Bergen
17/10 Trondheim Voices Folklore, Dokkhuset, Trondheim
20/10 Trondheim Voices Folklore, Skopje Jazz Festival, Macedonia
31/10 Trondheim Jazzorkester Composers Workshop, Levanger
31/10 Trondheim Jazzorkester Composers Workshop, Inderøy
06/12 Trondheim Voices & Asle Karstad Rooms&Rituals, Veus Festiva,Olot, Spain

Trondheim Voices& Batagraf “On Anodyne”


Anodyne 1 18:54
Anodyne 2 13:08
Anodyne 3 09:14
Grappa, GRCD4542 EAN: 7033662045426

Nominated for the Norwegian Grammy 2016, category for contemporary music

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Trondheim Voices:
Live Maria Roggen: vocals, Siri Gjære: vocals, Torunn Sævik: vocals, Tone Åse: vocals, Sissel Vera Pettersen: vocals, Anita Kaasbøll: vocals
Jon Balke: percussion, Helge Norbakken: percussion, Snorre Bjerck: percussion, Ingar Zach: percussion

“On Anodyne” is Jon Balke’s commissioned work for the vocal ensemble Trondheim Voices and percussion group Batagraf, based on the poem “Anodyne” by the American poet Yusef Komunyakaa.

Concerts 2017

14/1 Masterclass Trøndertun
7/2 w/ Live Maria Roggen & Ylajali,Bodø Jazz Open, Bodø
25/2 w/Daniel Formo& Marianne Lie, Dokkhuset, Trondheim
11/3 Ellingtons Sacred Concert, Voss
12/3 Ellingtons Sacred Concert, Os
25&26/3 Gullfrosk, Avant Garden, Trondheim
19/5 Trondheim Voices&Young Voices, Verkstedhallen, Trondheim
31/3 m/Øystein K. Fjeldbo, Klubb Kanin jubileumsfestival, Avant Garden Trondheim
22/6 Trondheim Voices, Starmus Club, Dokkhuset, Trondheim
6/7 Trondheim Voices w/Pekka Stokke, Kongsberg Jazzfestival
13/9 Trondheim Voices&Asle Karstad Konsertkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark
26/09 T- EMP CMMR, Porto, Portugal
26/10 Trondheim Voices&Asle Karstad Rooms&Rituals Dampsaga, Steinkjer
27/10 Trondheim Voices&Asle Karstad Rooms&Rituals Sardinen, Bergen
28/10 Trondheim Voices&Asle Karstad Rooms&Rituals Dokkhuset, Trondheim
05/11 Trondheim Voices&Asle Karstad Rooms&Rituals Jazzfest Berlin, Germany
21/11 T-EMP Research night NTNU, Dokkhuset
23/11 Group from Trondheim Voices, The Virtuoso Listener, Symposium, Nidarosdomen, Trondheim

Concerts 2016

12/1 Workshop NMH
19/1 Workshop Trøndertun
9/2 BOL&SNAH Trøndertun
11/2 BOL&SNAH Tromsø Jazzklubb
7/3 Åse/Strønen’s Voxpheria, Familien, Trondheim, arr.Trondheim Jazzforum
8/3 Åse/Strønen’s Voxpheria Vårt Hjem, Steinkjer, arr.FolkJazzScena
9/3 Åse/Strønen’s Voxpheria Rock City, Namsos, arr.FolkJazzScena
10/3 Åse/Strønen’s Voxpheria Røstad Scene, Levanger, arr. FolkJazzScena
25/5 T- Emp ,Raflost, Reykjavik, Island
8/6-14/6 Trondheim Voices Space Unfolding, München
31/7 Trondheim Voices, Kyrkjhøla Kulturbeite, Stordal
8/8 The Soundbyte, Juarez, Mexico
13/9 Ekkokammer, Trondheim Voices, Ultima, Oslo
16/9 Ekkokammer, Trondheim Voices, Arktisk Kultursenter, Hammerfest
17/9 & 18/9 Abgesänge der Posthaus, Trondheim Voices/Asle Karstad/Tronsmo /Veie, Berlin
26/9 Trondheim Voices/Karstad, Dokkhusjubileum
24/11- 26/11 BOL&SNAH Italia
30/11 Voxpheria, Najonal Jazzscene, Oslo
17/12 Den store juletrefesten, Byscenen, Trondheim
29/12 Nachsprell, Dovrejul, Dombås


IMG_6338 copy kopi

BOL&SNAH is a cooperation between impro- trio BOL and Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan, guitarist known for his outstanding work with among others the band Motorpsycho. The cooperation started as a project in 2010 ( At that time together with guitarist Stian Westerhus, the quintet released the cd “Numb, Number in 2012). The quartet has become a more permanent constellation, which released the album “So? Now?” november 2015- The album was re-released for distribution in Germany and Italy october 2016. ( Reviews on the BOL website)

Tone Åse Vocal & Electronic
Ståle Storløkken Keyboards
Tor Haugerud Drums
Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan Guitar and Vocal

BOL&SNAH website

Reviews BOL&SNAH “So? Now ?”

A powerful meeting… “Intricate and open pop inspired by Joni Mitchell,spoken word ,”Sonic Youth – like” art-rock with an edge, and volcanic prog….” Vegard Enlid , Adressa ! (5/6)

” …. both rockers and jazz people with open senses will have plenty of reasons to enjoy
” So? What? ” . ” Tor Hammerø

” You should give up any kind of  resistance , because So ? What? is a powerful delight for the ear and should be obligatory for anyone who likes music. This is Genre-crushing at its most beautiful . This is a classic for those who seek the irresistible . ” Tor Stemland, Musikk fra Norge

More reviews at the BOL website :

Wonderful review in Rumore, Italy

Great review in Internazionale, Italy

Great review of “So? Now?” in

Great review of “So? Now?” in

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