Åse/Strønen Duo

Åse/Strønen duo

“And what might tomorrow’s sound be, if you could hear it today? Enter a wormhole as you brave Norwegian Tone Åse’s new album Voxpheria (Gigafon), a semi-dissonant duo with percussionist Thomas Stronen. Åse is an unearthly, achingly soulful singer; the two improvise with raw, symbiotic melding of electronicized human and inanimate sound in expressive ‘singularity’. Åse cracks all category orientations apart and invents new language.” The New York City Jazz Record, June 2012



The Åse/Strønen duo-project “Voxpheria”,  is the very special soundscape created when these electro-acoustic improvisers join forces: Åse, who through her use of electronics continually seeks to explore and expand the singer’s musical palette, from being the traditional bearer and interpreter of melody and text, to filling the role as a source of sound in an electronic universe, and everything in between. Strønen, who explores the drums and percussion by way of grooves and soundscapes, and utilizing them as a source for electronic processing. They improvise freely with a broad musical field of inspiration, ranging from techno / rock / pop / jazz, through contemporary music to Eastern traditional music.

With their highly personal voices and fingerspitzengefühl they manage to lure you in to their own unique musical universe without losing the thread that brings you safely back down to earth again.

Voxpheria is organic beat-conglomerates that´s messing around with playful linguistics in electronic disguise,transparent orchestration surrounding lyrical vocal lines, and bells in slow motion. And much more. Welcome.

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