Tone Åse & Sten Sandell

Åse and Sandell meet in sonic conversations that can go anywhere, exploring the power, connections, spaces and transitions in voice / text / audio / music. The voice as a bearer of meaning, as a sonic instrument, and in symbiosis with the instrumental: the electronics, the grand piano. New release on Sonic Transmissions march 23: “Voices in between voices”
"Together with Sandell, there are unique conversations that no one has heard the likes of before and will not want to hear the likes of later. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience - a very exciting and unique one." Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

"On their long-awaited album, we get 11 sequences in the experimental landscape between jazz, improvisation, contemporary music and recitation. And they do it all the way with superior finesse and quality, so you just sit and gape at what flows out of the speakers." Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

2 x bass and electrosoprano !

Concert Åse/Duch duo & Mattis Kleppen 12/10@Verkstedhallen, Svartlamoen, Trondheim , 20.00

Åse/Duch plays  their improvised acoustic/electric music of the moment

Mattis Kleppen plays his beautiful  original versions of  various traditional musics for  solo bass guitar

Trondheim Voices and Stagetracker FX – new project presentation at NIME 2011, Oslo

Trondheim Voices- improvising vocal ensemble
Trondheim Voices is a unike improvising vocal ensemble, artistically led by Tone Åse since 2006. Working with microphones and amplified sound, there is a close relation between the ensemble and the sounddesigner/engineer; the use of reverbs, effects and panning has always been an important part of the musical expression. There has been an artistic need in the ensemble for exploring further how the use of processed voice sound could expand the a capella ensemble sound, and how we could take control over the use of effects in a more flexible way. The ensemble started looking for new tools and methods some time ago.
Tracking the the singer on stage
The system we are trying out in this pilot project is Stagetracker FX, a performer tracking and audio localization system developed for the theatre by the company TTA in Stjørdal, Norway. The system is utilizing hardware and software to track the positions of performers on stage and applying these positions to their microphone signals, automatically and in real time. The result is that the voices of the actors actually ‘follow’ them as they move around the stage. This has been done in different ways in theatres for some time, but the new thing with this system is that it can do the calculations faster and more precise, so that you will not need days of calculations in the concert room. Another, and even more exiting possibility with the system is that the trigging of effects and reverbs can be assigned to spesific areas on stage. In this way each singer gains control over the use of effects simply by moving physically on stage. This open up for several interesting artistical and expressional aspects.
New and exiting elements in performance :
– The connection between the sound and the singers movements on stage
– The flexible use of processed voice sound within the vocal ensemble
– The control each singer gets over effects through moving on stage
– The visualization of choices regarding sound, both for the performer and the audience- through the movements of each singer on stage

These elements are especially interesting when it comes to improvisation, but also as a possibilty for composers that we work with. It also makes the role of the sounddesigner somewhat different, setting up sound-scenarios for improvising will be an important part of the artistic outcome. In this project we are working with well-known Norwegian Sound- designer Asle Karstad, who also has designed our other big projects BINGO!! (2008) and IMPROVOICING (2009). We are also having a great cooperation with one of the developers of the Stagetracker FXsystem, John Torger Skjelstad from TTA

BOL: Skylab Audiovision Tour

Bol på Tou

The audiovisual project Skylab Audiovision  is a realization of an idea BOL has had for some time, wanting to expand the music with the visual dimension, using light, video and objects, and improvising with all these elements. Sivert Lundstrøm  has made the light design and objects, and Pekka Stokke the video and programming. The project was performed in Trondheim,Verkstedhallen, Oslo, Viktoria (Nasjonal Jazzscene)  and Stavanger (Tou Scene) 15-18 sept. Thanks to everybody!!

The project has been supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere og Trondheim Kommune.

New video from the concert at Verkstedhallen:

BOL: Skylab Audiovision , excerpts from Tone Åse on Vimeo.



BOL is one of Tone Åse’s main projects, a trio that has existed since 1995.

Tone Åse – voice, electronics

Ståle Storløkken – keyboards, sampling

Tor Haugerud – drums, electronics

The Span in their Universe of Electronica is delightfully extensive, from the obsessive to the nearby transparent fragile. Svein Andersen, Aftenposten Oslopuls


Skylab Audiovision live at verkstedhallen -excerpts:


BOL: Skylab Audiovision , excerpts from Tone Åse on Vimeo.

BOL: Skylab Audiovision , excerpts from Tone Åse on Vimeo.

Åse/Strønen Duo

Åse/Strønen duo

“And what might tomorrow’s sound be, if you could hear it today? Enter a wormhole as you brave Norwegian Tone Åse’s new album Voxpheria (Gigafon), a semi-dissonant duo with percussionist Thomas Stronen. Åse is an unearthly, achingly soulful singer; the two improvise with raw, symbiotic melding of electronicized human and inanimate sound in expressive ‘singularity’. Åse cracks all category orientations apart and invents new language.” The New York City Jazz Record, June 2012



The Åse/Strønen duo-project “Voxpheria”,  is the very special soundscape created when these electro-acoustic improvisers join forces: Åse, who through her use of electronics continually seeks to explore and expand the singer’s musical palette, from being the traditional bearer and interpreter of melody and text, to filling the role as a source of sound in an electronic universe, and everything in between. Strønen, who explores the drums and percussion by way of grooves and soundscapes, and utilizing them as a source for electronic processing. They improvise freely with a broad musical field of inspiration, ranging from techno / rock / pop / jazz, through contemporary music to Eastern traditional music.

With their highly personal voices and fingerspitzengefühl they manage to lure you in to their own unique musical universe without losing the thread that brings you safely back down to earth again.

Voxpheria is organic beat-conglomerates that´s messing around with playful linguistics in electronic disguise,transparent orchestration surrounding lyrical vocal lines, and bells in slow motion. And much more. Welcome.

Reviews “Voxpheria”


Åse/Johansen/Jonsson UNDERCOVER

Åse/Johansen/Jonsson: UNDERCOVER


Tone Åse- vocal & electronics

Per Oddvar Johansen- drums & electronics

Krister Jonsson – guitar & electronics

Three dedicated improvisers exploring some of their beloved “standards” from the rock/pop tradition with a more or less free point of departure. Their music is made in the meeting of the acoustic and the electronic, the improvisational frameworks merging with their lyrics and tunes.The three musicians are known as profiled musicians in the field of improvisation from their work in other constellations such as BOL, Trondheim Voices, Marilyn Mazur’s Future Song, The Source, Close Erase, Fredrik Lundin Overdrive and Tore Brunborg kvartett amongst others.

Undercover- Mercy Street (listen)

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