The voice and the machine and the voice in the machine

The voice and the machine and the voice in the machine (- now you see me, now you don’t)

For the period of  oct 2008- jan.2012 , I was a fellow researcher at NTNU Department of Music, as part of the The National Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowships Programme

For this 3-year project I explored new possibilities and roles as a vocalist, working with the combination of electronic processing of voice sound and acoustic voice sound in realtime ensemble improvisation. Further, I  explored artistic possibilities in the continuum ranging from narrative speech (with referential meaning) to ”abstract”, processed sound (without referential meaning – if this is possible) within the same performance/form. This I did within the format of a solo performance

These two approaches to performing, containing a mix of processed and acoustic voice sounds, was partly overlapped and partly  focused on in two different types of artistic products.

The end results of this project , january 2012 , was :

– Concerts, with some of the musical settings I had been working with.These ensembles represents different frameworks for improvisation within a contemporary European jazz/impro tradition.
– A performance; a musical ”monologue” that explored and combined my roles as storyteller and musician, with vocal expressions ranging from referential to non- referential meaning/abstracted voice sound, and the field inbetween. .
– Studio recordings and live recordings of the musical projects, both released as cd and/or made available on my website.
– A web document connected to this webpage, where examples of my solo work and recordings of the different settings I have been working with through the period will be connected to my written reflections and findings.

My goal was, as an improvising vocalist, to develop and refine new musical strategies and technics, both regarding the electronic processing and manipulation of voice sound, and regarding the experience of meaning in sound.

Trondheim Voices


Trondheim Voices is working with the endless possibilities that exists within vocal improvisation and wish to explore the edges of what can be done with the voice, to find new expressions and new music.The ensemble also works with a further extension and exploration through the use of custom made live electronics made by Asle Karstad. Through the last years they have developed techniques for site-specific improvised performances together with artist Ann Cathrin Hertling/Wild at Art. Consisting of 9 individual soloists, Trondheim Voices wishes to develop what happens when the unique quality of each singer is set to interact with eachother, and to find the collective sound and music
that will originate their actions.

Tone Åse is a former musical leader of Trondheim Voices (2006-2011), followed by Siri Gjære (2011-2016). The ensemble is now led by Sissel Vera Pettersen


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