Duo with Michael Duch

Duo with Michael Duch


Bassist Michael Duch works with a wide variety of performing arts, and has for the last few years been devoted to the open form graphic scores of Feldman, Wolff, Brown and Cage, and more recently the music of Cornelius Cardew. He has studied the double bass with Göran Sjølin at the Music Conservatory of Trondheim in the period of 1998-2006 and is currently a research-fellow at the university of Trondheim doing research on Free Improvisation and the use of Improvisation in Experimental music.

The Åse/Duch duo is exploring different parameters of free improvisation, focusing on the sound and timbre that is created in the meeting between Michael’s experimental use of the acoustic double base and Tones mix of acoustic and electronic processed sound. Experimental and noisy- but also lyrical and harmonic- exploring how melodic and tonal parameters can be a natural part of it all…

Tone Åse/Michael Duch Duo: Moah (Listen)

Tone Åse/Michael Duch To some (Listen)

Tone Åse/ MichaelDuch Duo : Problem II (Listen)

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