BOL feat. Snah & Stian Westerhus at Jazzfest!

Asphalt from Tone Åse on Vimeo.

“Genuine and expetional experiment !”

However concentrated BOL and their guest musicians were, there was no doubt they had exeptionally great fun in their improvisatoric and fresh exploring of new soundscapes. This was a playful evening …….If jazz is to be continued, it’s dependent on moments like this, where bleak copies of things done best 50 years ago, has to give room for experimenting and the real joy of playing!
Sveinug Wålengen, Under

“A complete band…..!”
Stian Westerhus has become known for his powerful array of guitar pedals, but manages as always to exploit the atmosphere and the context of the music, and all the time to adapt with new sounds and moods. Hans Magnus Ryan, on his side, concentrates more about chords and plays the guitar as if it was a guitar. And thereby the two guest musicians has made the masterpiece of being two guitarists on stage, incorporated in tunes not made for the guitar, and without problems finding their own roles which complements and fulfills the soundscape of the concert…….. the encore can best be described as this: “ if John Lennon under his work with “come together had been eating musrooms, met Albert Einstein who had also been eating musrooms- and after that met an alien who showed them both how the futures sound would be…” With this BOL ends a fabulous concert, there’s nothing more to say about that matter !!
Mathias Østrem, 14/5 2010

BOL: Skylab Audiovision Tour

Bol på Tou

The audiovisual project Skylab Audiovision  is a realization of an idea BOL has had for some time, wanting to expand the music with the visual dimension, using light, video and objects, and improvising with all these elements. Sivert Lundstrøm  has made the light design and objects, and Pekka Stokke the video and programming. The project was performed in Trondheim,Verkstedhallen, Oslo, Viktoria (Nasjonal Jazzscene)  and Stavanger (Tou Scene) 15-18 sept. Thanks to everybody!!

The project has been supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere og Trondheim Kommune.

New video from the concert at Verkstedhallen:

BOL: Skylab Audiovision , excerpts from Tone Åse on Vimeo.



BOL is one of Tone Åse’s main projects, a trio that has existed since 1995.

Tone Åse – voice, electronics

Ståle Storløkken – keyboards, sampling

Tor Haugerud – drums, electronics

The Span in their Universe of Electronica is delightfully extensive, from the obsessive to the nearby transparent fragile. Svein Andersen, Aftenposten Oslopuls


Skylab Audiovision live at verkstedhallen -excerpts:


BOL: Skylab Audiovision , excerpts from Tone Åse on Vimeo.

BOL: Skylab Audiovision , excerpts from Tone Åse on Vimeo.

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