Designing Voices Berlin

Wonderful festival curated by Alex Nowitz, Berlin. Solo, duo with Sten Sandell and quartet with Alex Nowitz, Franziska Baumann and Sten Sandell

Photos by Sebastian Rausch

Premiere Hairesis Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad

After being postponed one year, finally the premiere of Hairesis is happening in Harstad 26/6!!

Concerts, talks and other 2021

8/4 Workshop Trøndertung, Melhus

21/5 Trondheim Voices Folklore, Rosendal Teater, Trondheim

30/5 Trondheim Voices Folklore, Kimen kulturhus, Stjørdal

24/6 Hairesis, premiere, Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad

21/8 Hairesis, Vardø

24/25/9 DRIV m/Cirka Teater, Kamfest, Trondheim

29/10 Songs Around The World, Umeå Jazzfestival, Sweden

4-7/11 Designing Voices, Berlin

6/12 W/Sten Sandell, Fri Form, Trondheim

9-11/12 Trondheim Voices before Christmas, Trondheim++

Punkt 2020

Looking forward to play at Punkt Festival 2020 with incredible drummer Veslemøy Narvesen, remixing Finity!!!

Ut=Inn recommended by skJazz.SK

Nice to hear Patrick Spanko saying:
“I definitely recommend listening to this album”

Tone Åse & Sten Sandell

Åse and Sandell meet in sonic conversations that can go anywhere, exploring the power, connections, spaces and transitions in voice / text / audio / music. The voice as a bearer of meaning, as a sonic instrument, and in symbiosis with the instrumental: the electronics, the grand piano. New release on Sonic Transmissions march 23: “Voices in between voices”

The recording of Ut=Inn chosen by Jason Weiss (Le Ventre et l’Oreille, The Wire) as best vocal record 2019!

(Ballots 2019)

Reviews Rooms& Rituals , Trondheim Voices


-Collectively and cumulatively, these pieces move and unsettle the listener, bringing a sense of dislocation, and disorientation. It creates a space for pondering. This is art., GB-Voices like no others.. a vast universe of sound, which the ensemble and Karstad explores with a result that is both amazing and overwhelming.
– Founded on creativity, bravery and great vocal skills – it is a triumph of true originality. Terje Mosnes, Jazzinorge, NO 

-The eerie vocals of Trondheim Voices with the live electronics of Asle Karstad come together in the haunting “Rooms & Rituals”. This impeccably sound designed album sends chills up your spine.  New Sounds/, USA

-filled with mystique and mystery, borrowing aspects from hypermodern theatre and abstract opera, bringing on multilayered non-vocalisms, slow electronica pulses, modular twists and other unusual proceedings which all fall into place .. to create an album like no album you ever heard., DE

-Gregorian Choral 2000. Björk’s Sweet meets Meredith Monk’s nude art, in bright moments it has the dreamy-playful of Sigur Rós, in gloomy moments the endless blackness of Deathprods’ “Morals & Dogma”. Dramatic, theatrical, daring. Musikkultur,, DE

-haunting, ethereal sounds that explore the voice in its different manifestations. Even though some of the pieces seem to balance on the edge of a pure electronic music, there is never a loss of the natural intimacy that’s never more effectively communicated than through the human voice., USA

-Extremely good listeners discover ways to new worlds.
This is high level vocal art, and the music brings associations to both Björk og Meredith Monk.  Morgenbladet, NO

-These singers have an incredible register, and they explore it to the maximum in cooperation with «the world´s best sound designer», Asle Karstad, on this album.  All the way through, this is almost divine music. Jan Granlie, Salt-peanuts, NO

-The short pieces on Rooms & Rituals offer a spectrum of moods, emotions and atmospheres. All have a lasting effect on the listener mental state of mind, promising to rewire the brain’s neurons to a more enlightening and peaceful configuration. Eyal Hareuveni, NO

-A hurricane of creativity.. Each piece is a kind of bubble that houses a micro-universe in which supernatural events take place. The twelve performers master perfectly their formidable instruments (voice and Maccatrols). A huge bravo for their sense of detail and their musical sensitivity. It’s great art, it’s innovative and it’s extremely beautiful. A real rough, FR

Oslo 14 Ut= Inn

Losen Records 2019

Release No: LOS 228-2
EAN: 7090025832284

Recorded August 2018 by Asle Karstad at Rainbow Studio, Oslo
Mixed June 2019 by Ståle Storløkken at Heaven Hill Studio
Mastered August 2019 by Karl Klaseide at Øra Mastering
Produced by Tone Åse and Ståle Storløkken
Front cover photo by Kjersti Holst

Trondheim Voices +Asle Karstad “Rooms & Rituals”

Grappa 2018

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